Village Grocer, Malaysia

Flowcrete Asia Creates Old-World Feel in New Village Grocer

Established in the 1950s, Village Grocer began life as a small neighbourhood store in Kuala Lumpur, later growing into the large supermarket Pasaraya OTK. In 2004, Village Grocer opened its fourth branch in Bangsar village, serving residents of Bagsar and Kuala Lumpur with its array of fresh produce and fine goods.

Receiving the BrandLaureate BestBrands Award in the Premium Grocers category for 2016-2017, Village Grocer has the aim of being the leading premium supermarket chain in Malaysia and required a flooring solution that would stand the test of time whilst maintaining the old-world neighbour feel of the original store.

Calling upon the expertise of Flowcrete Asia, 1,400 m2 of Flowfresh MF was chosen by the client thanks to its seamless, durable and attractive nature. Choosing this system in the decorative Clay colour reflected the old-world and wholesome nature of the brand, generating a local feel in a chain store.

The seamless nature of Flowfresh MF makes it extremely easy to clean, as any dropped food items can be quickly and easily cleaned away with no joints to hide in. The incorporated antibacterial additive Polygiene® also helped to reduce the likelihood of bacteria multiplying on the store’s floor.

The high abrasion resistance of the flooring system was reinforced by the application of polyurethane floor sealer Flowseal MS. Strong abrasion resistance was important to the client due to the high levels of footfall and wheeled trolley traffic expected on a daily basis.

Application of these two systems from Flowcrete Asia was completed within the 10 day time frame set by the client, and the store was ready to greet its local customers.

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