T•PARK, Hong Kong

Flowcrete Floors Hong Kong’s Waste-to-Energy Revolution

Opened in 2016, T•PARK is Hong Kong’s most technologically advanced sludge (a thick mud-like by-product of treated sewage) treatment facility. The building is an eco-friendly, self-sustaining complex complete with a treatment system that can process up to 2,000 tonnes of sludge per day – converting it into electricity for the public power grid.

The sludge is delivered by truck and deposited into bunkers before being incinerated and T•PARK required a floor that would be able to withstand the aggressive environment within these bunkers. To achieve this, Flowcrete’s Flowchem VE GL tank coating system was chosen, as its exceptional chemical resistance properties would stop the sludge from corroding the floor. The robust nature of this system would also protect against the abrasions and impacts from the continuous sludge deliveries.

Flowchem VE GL is a vinyl ester resin based coating system with Fibreglass reinforcement that enhances its chemical and temperature resistance properties.

Flowcoat UCR and Flowcoat CR were also applied in the plant room, truck wash and chemical storage areas, which are subject to regular heavy foot and truck traffic. The chemical resistance of the floor in these zones was also critical in order to withstand potential exposure to the sludge.

Flowcrete Asia was proud to be a partner in the construction of T•PARK’s award winning facility, which in April 2016, together with Stage 2A of the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme, won the distinction award in the Wastewater Project of the Year category at the Global Water Awards 2016. In addition, the architectural design has also been highly acclaimed and recognised by the HK Institution of Engineers and the Institution of Structural Engineers with the presentation of the Grand Award in this year's Structural Excellence Award. 

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