The School (Jaya One), Malaysia

Stunning Terazzo Design for Centre Stage Tree House

The School at Malaysia’s Jaya One Mall is a unique retail concept enabling children to explore arts, sciences, languages and arithmetic in a safe and empowering space where they can play and learn.

The School ensures 30% of its tenant mix is dedicated to promoting creative, essential, fun and curriculum learning to children aged from 2 to 14. Specialist zones already established in The School include the Academy of Rock, Junior Science Lab and BeeBop Circus.

Featuring an interior design scheme inspired by the Rainforest, The School hosts a full-size entertainment and live theatre podium, designed in the guise of a magical tree house which lies at the heart of The School.

The podium represents a stunning display of flooring design using two contrasting terrazzo systems, Mondéco Earth and Mondéco Splash from Flowcrete Asia to create a geometric starburst design across two circular platforms.

Terrazzo systems are increasingly desirable with commercial venues and public spaces looking to impress visitors underfoot while at the same time ensure a durable, easily maintained and resistant finish. The system is laid in-situ and can be installed to virtually any design or pattern using a network of brass or aluminium trims used to outline the design across the surface of the floor.

Project Details

  • Client: The School (Jaya One)
  • Products: Seamless Terrazzo
  • Market Sector: Retail
  • Location: Malaysia
  • Year: 2013

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