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  • UV Stable
  • UV Stable

Long term exposure to the elements can wear away mountains and erode rock – so imagine what it could do to an unprotected floor finish. Wind, rain and ice can all eat into a floor finish while UV rays are notorious for discolouring previously bright and vibrant surfaces.

Floor areas commonly exposed to the worst of the weather include the top decks of car parking facilities, balconies and hard landscaped areas. Specialist resin systems are available tailored to the demands of such areas to ensure that adverse weather conditions won’t affect its seamless, attractive and functional surface.

UV rays from the sun don’t just affect outdoor areas, anywhere the sunlight streams through a window could potentially see the colours drain out of the floor over time. Technological innovations mean that UV resistance can be built into the floor finish to delay this process and to keep the floor’s crisp colour looking for longer than was previously possible.

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Recommended Systems

Here are just some of the systems that Flowcrete Asia recommends when UV stability is a key flooring requirement…

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