Satori Mineral Water, Vietnam

Flowcrete Vietnam Supply Fresh Flooring

The mineral manufacturing company Satori is located on Long Hau Industrial Park. This open-concept facility is open to the public and showcases its strictly maintained, innovative water processing technology.

Aside from functionality, the client required a visually pleasing flooring solution from Flowcrete Vietnam that would be appealing to visitors and safe for staff. For precision, the client asked for a specific Dulux (17 BG 60/228) paint colour to inspire the custom aesthetics of the flooring, and Flowcrete Vietnam were able to deliver this.

The antibacterial, HACCP International certified, self-smoothing polyurethane resin floor finish Flowfresh SL was chosen in the bespoke blue shade for the 6,294 m2 processing area. This was also coated with the two component, aliphatic and UV stable Flowseal UV with a gloss finish.

For the warehouse area, 10,193 m2 of the high performance, UV light stable polyurethane coating system Flowcoat HTS was chosen thanks to its high abrasion resistance.

UV stability was incredibly important in the facility as this ensured that the flooring would not discolour over time, even after prolonged exposed to sunlight. The seamless nature of the floor also made cleaning the facility much easier, with dirt having no gaps or joints to hide in, meaning that the facility could be ready to welcome guests at a moment’s notice.

The installation was completed within two months, and the facility was ready for both staff and visitors.

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