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Architecture, clever use of space, décor and indoor air quality plays a vital role in shaping a stimulating learning environment.

The floor is crucial to creating a setting conducive to studying, however to do this it needs to be able to maintain an anti-slip, easily cleanable surface despite consistently high levels of foot traffic, potential spillages of food and drink, frequent cleaning and protection against dropped items.

Failing to meet the above criteria could lead to floor failure, which means that the students will have to learn on unclean, unsightly and uninspiring surfaces.

The seamless nature of Flowcrete’s resin flooring solutions are ideally suited to the demands of various areas of an educational complex. This includes attractive & cushioned floor finishes for classrooms and corridors, antimicrobial flooring for canteen kitchens, heavy-duty epoxy and high strength polyurethane systems for maintenance areas, as well as colourful sports hall surfaces.

Many larger educational facilities will require a multi-storey car parking facility for the students, teachers, extended staff, parents and visitors. The floor area here should not be overlooked, as it is often the first impression many people will have of the establishment.

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