ABC Kindergarten, Vietnam

Da Nang Nursery Upgrades Flooring to Improve Educational Experience

A large nursery in the centre of Da Nang, Vietnam, refurbished its corridors with a robust and decorative epoxy floor from Flowcrete Asia in order to create a hygienic and engaging educational space.

ABC Kindergarten needed to upgrade the flooring in the corridor as a previous epoxy resin coating had failed to live up to expectations. The client knew that it was important for the floor to meet strict aesthetic, cleanliness, longevity and durability criteria to facilitate an effective nursery environment. To achieve this, 1,200 m2 of the pigmented epoxy system Flowflake Terrosso was installed in a light cream colour with a grey and black flaked effect across the surface.

With 18 classes of between 20 and 25 young children as well as a large workforce and the frequent arrival of parents, ABC Kindergarten knew that the floor would have to survive in the face of heavy and prolonged foot traffic, impacts from dropped items, frequent cleaning as well as spillages of food and drinks.

The hard wearing nature of this coating meant that the daily operational challenges faced by the nursery would not deteriorate the finish. Flowflake Terrosso’s seamless and impervious finish makes it very easy to keep the floor clean and clear, which is highly beneficial in a nursery environment to avoid dropped substances from becoming a hygiene concern.

ABC Kindergarten’s operators could also rest assured that the floor would maintain its colour and aesthetics for the long term. Visuals are an important aspect of building materials in educational establishments, as drab, spoiled or uninspired surfaces are not conducive to making the children feel welcomed, comfortable and in the mood for learning.

The flooring refurbishment was completed in only ten days, which was ideal for getting the nursery back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Project Details

  • Client: ABC Kindergarten
  • Products: Commercial Resins
  • Market Sector: Education
  • Location: Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Year: 2017

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