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The floor in manufacturing and warehousing facilities are often subject to a long list of punishing challenges on a daily basis including physical impacts, point loading from heavy equipment & pallets, forklift truck traffic and corrosive industrial chemicals to name just a few. Despite all this abuse, it is imperative that the floor maintains a level, seamless, impervious, slip-resistant, colourful and functional surface.

Flowcrete has developed a vast range of high strength resin flooring systems particularly suited to locations that need the ultimate in strength and durability. Seamless and self-smoothing epoxy and PU floor coatings also provide a number of advantages over a tile or floor slab finish, as it eliminates the cracks and crevices that contaminants can dwell within.

Colour and bright signage are important factors within factories and warehouses, as not only can it help to create a pleasant space for staff, but it can also be an important safety consideration. Clearly marked out walkways, brightly defined hazard areas and colour zoning are just a few of the ways that installing colourful floors can help make a facility safer.

Wet processing areas will require all of the above flooring characteristics – however, the floor must also actively enhance traction underfoot to reduce the risk of slips and trips. Flowcrete's floors have the option to be positively textured to increase slip resistance while the seamless nature of the systems helps to quickly remove excess water and contaminants before they can become a problem.

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