Hai Nam Switchboard Manufacturers, Vietnam

Hai Nam Switch to Flowcoat and Flowtex

Founded in 2002, Hai Nam is a specialist in the design, manufacture and servicing of electrical switchboards and automation solutions. With a large workforce of 200 people in its Vietnam-based facility, the client became increasingly concerned about health and safety issues caused by a worn and uneven bare concrete substrate which had begun to exhibit cracks and chips.

A robust, flat, level and on-budget floor was required for the safety of the staff as well as for the fast and efficient assembling of switchboard products, therefore the client enlisted the help of flooring specialists Flowcrete Asia.

The 17,800 m2 concrete substrate was prepared by grinding it down to one flat layer before coating with Flowtex PT, a heavy-duty underlayment used for a variety of chemical resistant and hardwearing floor toppings. The solvent free, durable and high performance epoxy resin coating system Flowcoat HS was then applied on top. The abrasion resistant and robust properties of these materials were necessary to support the heavy machinery and manufacturing apparatus in the plant and ensure that the floor would withstand the onsite activity for an extended period of time.

The installation of these materials not only solved the problem of the previously cracked, uneven floor, but also allowed the client to meet a higher standard of health and safety.

Being extremely happy with the result of its brand new flooring, the client could now provide a safer working environment for its workforce, reducing the likelihood for trip and fall issues that had been faced previously and continuing with its aim of exceeding the expectations of its customers.

Project Details

  • Client: Hai Nam Switchboard Manufacturers
  • Products: Industrial Flooring
  • Market Sector: Manufacturing
  • Location: Vietnam
  • Year: 2018

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