The Affiliated School of the University of Macau, Macau

Mondeco Crystal Brightens Up School Canteen in Macau

The Affiliated School of the University of Macau is a subsidiary educational institution of The University of Macau. The school, established in 1998, was transformed into a private school integrated into the public-school network in September 2003. Since then, it is managed by the University of Macau (UM) Affiliated Schools Association.

In the decades since it first opened, the school’s surroundings and especially the canteen flooring suffered immense wear and tear. Its dark and dated look was not reflective of the school’s aim of nurturing bright young minds. As the school caters to children studying in the kindergarten and primary education levels, it was important that the canteen was updated to provide them with a safe and conducive environment to rest, play, and eat.

For the renovation of the school canteen, Isocrete K-Screed (50mm) with Polymer 70 was chosen because of its quick-drying and fast-curing properties, as well as its high compressive strength and ability to create a level floor that is ideal for the Mondéco finish.

Flowcrete’s Mondéco Crystal was the flooring solution chosen by the architect. A total of 1050m2 of the premium terrazzo was used throughout the area to provide a seamless floor finish that is also hygienic and easy to clean.

This solvent-free flooring system, comprising of decorative aggregates which are incorporated into the resin mix and later diamond-ground, ultimately delivered a smooth epoxy terrazzo floor finish suitable for withstanding footfall.

Project Details

  • Client: The Affiliated School of the University of Macau
  • Products: Seamless Terrazzo
  • Market Sector: Education, Leisure, Offices, Retail
  • Location: Macau
  • Year: 2022

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