Macau Polytechnic University, Macau

Fresh Floor Finishes for Macau Polytechnic University

Founded in 1991, the Macau Polytechnic University is the first modern university and the most representative public university in Macau placing it among the top three universities in the country. When the university needed to refurbish the flooring of their premises, Tremco CPG Hong Kong and their approved applicator were contacted to do the job.

The application started by installing over 4,200m2 of the semi-dry cementitious screed Isocrete K-Screed HDP 50mm with Polymer 70. This specification was chosen due to its quick-drying and fast-curing properties, as well as high compressive strength and ability to create a level floor ideal for a resin finish.

For the laboratory, computer room, and storage area, over 300m2 of Flowfresh ESD MF, an antistatic, chemical resistant, polyurethane resin floor system was installed. The system was chosen to safely dissipate the build-up of electrostatic charge, preventing damage to sensitive electronic equipment found in such areas.

For the function classroom and corridor, 4,000m2 of Flowfresh SR was installed in a thickness of 4mm. As well as its antimicrobial hygiene benefits, this polyurethane screed system exhibits a highly durable finish with an anti-slip texture, making it the ideal solution for locations that are subject to heavy foot traffic.

To finish, Tremco CPG Hong Kong’s Flowfresh Cove was installed to 2,000 linear meters of footing/molding areas to form coves for the Flowfresh ESD MF and Flowfresh SR to allow for easy cleaning.

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