LEGOLAND Adds Colour and Creativity with Flowcrete Floors

The iconic LEGOLAND® resort in Johore, Malaysia, has swapped building blocks for high performance resin solutions in order to refurbish the floors in several key areas.

In the resort’s ‘Big Shop’, a large store which greets visitors as they enter the park, a bright yellow floor was required that would match the client’s well-known image. To achieve this, 850 m2 of the robust polyurethane coating Flowfresh MF was applied in a custom yellow colour, creating a floor area that tied into the site’s identity and the store’s interior design scheme.

The seamless and durable nature of Flowfresh MF makes it ideal for large areas of retail flooring, as it can withstand prolonged periods of heavy foot traffic as well as the impacts, point loading, spillages, scuffs and scrapes inherent to busy commercial spaces.

The solvent-based polyurethane floor sealer Flowseal UV was also used within the shop thanks to its UV resistance properties and glossy finish. This build up would make sure that the sunlight streaming in through the store’s large windows would not cause the floor’s vibrant colour to fade over time.  

Outside of the Big Shop, 1,000 m2 of the polyurethane coating system Deckshield LBD was used to refurbish a large area of external, exposed flooring which had started to crack and fail. This system was used as it provides a seamless, hard wearing surface that incorporates an advanced moisture dissipation barrier. This built-in barrier shields the floor from rising moisture, which can easily damage unprotected surfaces.

Deckshield LBD’s textured, anti-slip finish helps make the site safer for visitors and staff, especially during periods of heavy rainfall or if slippery substances such as soft drinks or sunscreen have spilled onto the floor.

Flowcrete Asia supplied Deckshield LBD in a custom dark grey colour and it was laid in a bespoke weaving path bordered by tiles. The coating was also painted with a number of colourful squares, and so the finish had to be able to provide an effective backdrop for these design elements. 

The whole flooring refurbishment project was completed in only ten days, which meant that there was minimal disruption to the site’s busy daily operations.

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