Joint Fillers and Sealants

  • Joint Fillers and Sealants

Joint fillers help transfer hard tires and heavy wheel loads across joint edges to prevent break down of joint edges.



EUCO QWIKJOINT UVR represents a new generation of polyurea technology with features and benefits unlike any other polyurea joint filler on the market. EUCO QWIKJOINT UVR resists fading from ultraviolet light greater than any existing product. It is a fast-setting, semi-rigid polyurea, primarily used for filling construction and control joints in industrial and commercial concrete floors. EUCO QWIKJOINT UVR can be shaved flush with the floor shortly after placement or up to 24 hours later. EUCO QWIKJOINT UVR supports and protects joint edges from heavy loads and wheel traffic, reducing spalling of the joint edges. EUCO QWIKJOINT UVR is available in 33 standard colours and in a Neutral Base that can be coloured on site with Euclid Universal Color Packs; available in the same 33 colours. 



EUCO WATERSTOP PVC is extruded from specially compounded PVC and is designed for use in water retaining and water excluding structures where a positive seal is required for poured in-situ concrete expansion, construction and contraction joints. EUCO WATERSTOP PVC is available in different sizes and types, depending on the requirements.



EUCO WATERSTOP SW is made of high performance hydrophilic rubber strips. The swelling action is the result of contact with water. Expansion of the waterstop creates a positive compression seal against the face of the concrete joint and prevents water entry into the structure through the protected joint. EUCO WATERSTOP SW can be applied against existing concrete and simply installed by nailing or using a hydrophilic adhesive. In contact with water, hydrophilic polymers react and swell by up to 450 – 600% of the original dimensions to form and excellent compression seal. 



EUCOLASTIC 1NS is a single-component, non-sag, low-modulus, moisture-cure, polyurethane hybrid joint sealant. EUCOLASTIC 1NS is formulated with a unique silane-terminated polyurethane polymer, that provides unequaled performance against stand-alone polyurethane sealants. EUCOLASTIC 1NS is an extremely durable sealant in dynamic joints, offering persistent adhesion once fully cured.



EUCOLASTIC 1SL is a single-component, low-modulus, moisture-cure, self-levelling, polyurethane joint sealant. EUCOLASTIC 1SL is formulated to be extremely durable in dynamic joints. It provides superior wear resistance to rubber tires and pedestrians in high traffic areas.



EUCOLASTIC PRIMER is a single-component, fast drying liquid primer that prepares non-porous surfaces for the application of EUCOLASTIC 1NS and EUCOLASTIC 1SL. EUCOLASTIC PRIMER imparts a surface finish which is very receptive to urethane sealants. 



TAMMSFLEX sealants are two-part, elastomeric, polysulphide caulking and sealing compounds. TAMMSFLEX cures at normal temperatures creating a tough elastomeric seal that adheres tenaciously to masonry, metal and wood. TAMMSFLEX will withstand repeated expansion and contraction and remain resilient through daily and seasonal cyclic changes in temperature. TAMMSFLEX has excellent chemical, solvent and water resistance and will withstand joint movement of up to +/-25%.

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Technical Downloads (Flooring)
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EUCO QWIKJOINT UVR System Datasheets
EUCO WATERSTOP PVC System Datasheets
EUCO WATERSTOP SW System Datasheets
EUCOLASTIC 1NS System Datasheets
EUCOLASTIC 1SL System Datasheets

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