Auto-Silo Jardim Comendador Ho Yin Car Park, Macau

Auto-Silo Jardim Comendador Ho Yin Car Park Refurbished with Deckshield

Auto-Silo Jardim Comendador Ho Yin public car park was one of the many car parks refurbished in Macau as part of the Government’s mission following the destruction caused by the super Typhoon in 2018.

Following several successful applications of Flowcrete Hong Kong’s Deckshield range during the first phase of this refurbishment project, the product range was chosen once more for this car park.

For level B2, 6,000 m2 of Deckshield EP primer and Deckshield ID were chosen to coat the basement level, thanks to the excellent chemical resistance, durability and watertight nature of this build-up. The Green Label certified, low VOC polyurethane deck coating system Deckshield ID was also chosen to coat the 6,000 m2 B1 level.

Ideally suited to car parks, the Deckshield range provides excellent chemical resistance to battery acid, engine oil, fuel, hydraulic fluid and other substances inherent to automotive spaces.

For the basement car park levels, Deckshield ID not only enhances a car park facility cosmetically, but it has also been designed to reduce tyre squeal to make car parks a quieter and more pleasant environment.

The installation was completed within 90 days and the car park could welcome car and motorcycle drivers alike.

Project Details

  • Client: Auto-Silo Jardim Comendador Ho Yin Car Park
  • Products: Car Park Protection
  • Market Sector: Car Parks
  • Location: Macau
  • Year: 2019

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