Volkswagen Automobiles, Beijing, China

Flowcrete Asia Creates Complex Car Track for Audi TT Press Conference

Flowcrete Asia has worked with Volkswagen to create an indoor track around which the spectacle of the new 2015 Audi TT model’s Beijing launch event revolved.

The resin flooring specialists supplied 1,500mof its epoxy resin system Rustik in a light grey colour to cover a 300 metre, 360 ° circular surface. This track was placed within the Beijing Crab Island International Convention Center to act as a stunning backdrop for the lights, visuals and even the cars themselves.

The floor finish would not only need to be able to withstand the movement of multiple vehicles travelling at 60km/h but it would also be a screen for the light display, videos and graphics during the show.

The design and creation of this backdrop threw up several complex challenges, which required a large team of experts to overcome. Flowcrete Asia’s specialists had to ensure that its natural stone carpet system could be applied onto a surface with an average gradient of 60 ° and which at points is practically vertical. Getting the aggregate mix right and laying from the bottom up solved this issue.

The application work itself was problematic, due to cross construction on site, working in an enclosed space, poor ventilation and the need to work 12 hour days in hot weather to meet the strict deadline. It took ten days to lay the Rustik floor and, to ensure that the finish met Volkswagen’s high standards, inspectors from Audi made regular checks on the track’s progress and quality.

A Rustik floor incorporates colourful natural stones in clear epoxy resin to deliver an attractive, durable and slip resistant finish.

Project Details

  • Client: Volkswagen Automobiles, Beijing, China
  • Products: Stone Carpets
  • Market Sector: Automotive
  • Location: Beijing
  • Year: 2015

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