NomadX, Singapore

Flowcrete Asia Sprinkles NomadX with Flowflake Flooring

CapitaLand is allowing its shoppers to discover experiential shopping with NomadX, Singapore’s first ‘phygital’ multi-label concept store, offering a blend of physical and digital experiences.

With automated store assistance in the form of smart mirrors, interactive product walls and cashless payment options, this store required a decorative flooring solution that would guide its shoppers to all of the wonders on display, and Flowcrete Asia’s expertise were called upon.

Firstly 500 m2 of the semi-dry cementitious Isocrete K-screed was applied in order to provide a highly durable supportive layer that could withstand high footfall. Secondly, 500 m2 of Flowcrete Asia’s highly decorative Flowflake Terrosso was applied.

The digital and physical co-inhabit seamlessly, and this is a concept also adopted by the floor, as two colours of Flowflake Terrosso, Freckle and Grey Granite were applied side by side without the usual metal border separating them. This design was achieved by the installation of one colour being allowed to fully cure before the second was applied flush against the first.

The lighter Freckle coloured flooring was used to show a clear walkway through the store, whereas the darker Granite Grey was used to host displays. The decorative flooring solution was chosen as it is easily cleaned and maintained, whilst having high wear resistance, even when exposed to wheeled traffic from product stands.

Both Flowflake systems were sealed off immediately after curing with two coats of Flowtex sealer, before the entire area was coated once more with a single coat of Flowtex sealer, followed by a single coat of Flowseal Satin.

Project Details

  • Client: NomadX
  • Products: Commercial Resins
  • Market Sector: Retail
  • Location: Singapore
  • Year: 2018

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