Beximco Pharmaceutical, Bangladesh

Flowcrete Asia's Flowshield SL Protects at Beximco Pharmaceutical Ltd

Committed to enhancing human health and well-being, Beximco Pharmaceutical (Beximco Pharma) prides itself on providing contemporary and affordable medicines, manufactured in full compliance with global quality standards.

With a commitment to quality and accountability, the client required a hygienic, self-smoothing epoxy resin flooring solution for the manufacturing facility and laboratory, which spreads over a 22-acre area near the capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Due to the need for an easy-to-clean and durable floor, the client enlisted the help of Flowcrete Asia for recommendations.

5,000 m2 of Flowshield SL was chosen for the space in Unit-3 of the facility, thanks to its seamlessness, high chemical resistance and qualification as a Cleanroom Suitable Material by the Fraunhofer IPA institute. Being resistant to chemicals was especially necessary due to the likelihood of medicinal substances being spilled onto the floor, and the chemical cleaner used to hygienically remove such spillages.

The lack of joints in the flooring also meant that potentially harmful substances had nowhere to hide once spilled, and could be cleaned away quickly, without posing a threat to staff or visitors.

The high abrasion resistance of Flowcrete Asia’s Flowshield SL meant that the flooring could withstand regular exposure to forklift trucks in the manufacturing area, as well as footfall from staff and visitors over an extended period of time.

The installation took eight months to complete, much to the client’s satisfaction who very much looked forward to using Flowcrete Asia’s flooring solutions in future projects.

Project Details

  • Client: Beximco Pharmaceutical Ltd
  • Products: Industrial Flooring
  • Market Sector: Manufacturing
  • Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Year: 2016

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