Chinachem, Hong Kong

Flowcrete Hong Kong Plays a Big Part in Parc City

Surrounded by several parks including Liwan Park and Ruxin Fossil Park, Parc City is nestled amongst the high rises and bustling landscape of Hong Kong. For the car park in this largely residential area, high quality deck coating materials were sought after, and Flowcrete Hong Kong met the requirements.

To deliver a long lasting and safe environment in the lower basement level (B2), 6,500 m2 of Deckshield EP, Deckshield ID and Deckshield UV were utilised. Similarly, 6,500 m2 of Deckshield ID and Deckshield UV were also applied at level B1.

For B2, the solvent free and low VOC primer Deckshield EP was used as it is ideal for creating hardwearing flooring build-ups that are watertight, fire and slip resistant. This was especially necessary due to the damp nature of basement environments.

To match the durability of the primer, the Green Label certified polyurethane deck coating system Deckshield ID was chosen for B1 and B2 levels. This low VOC system is designed to provide colourful yet watertight surfaces even in the face of battery acid, engine oil, fuel, hydraulic fluid and other chemicals expected in automotive spaces.

To combat the risk of deck coating failure from intense sunlight, a final coating of Deckshield UV was applied to both car park levels.

The installation, including line demarcations to clearly show parking bays and the direction of traffic was completed in 90 days, and the car park was reopened to the residents and visitors of the Parc City area.

Project Details

  • Client: Chinachem
  • Products: Car Park Protection
  • Market Sector: Car Parks
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Year: 2018

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