Auto-Silo-da Rua de Tranquilidada, Macau

Flowcrete Hong Kong Refurbishes Macau Public Car Park

Refurbishment of several car park facilities in Macau has formed part of the Government’s mission following the destruction caused by the super Typhoon in 2018.

As part of the first phase of this mission, the Government managed public car park, Auto-Silo-da Rua de Tranquilidada, required a car park decking system that could provide a safe and reliable space for drivers, and withstand potentially destructive weather conditions.

With Flowcrete Hong Kong’s suggestion, Deckshield ID and Deckshield EP were chosen to coat the 2,000 m2 basement car park, thanks to the excellent chemical resistance and durability of the systems.

Deckshield ID is a Green Label certified, low VOC, solvent free flexible polyurethane deck coating system, that provides a colourful and watertight surface. Ideally suited to car parks, this system has excellent chemical resistance to battery acid, engine oil, fuel, hydraulic fluid and other substances expected in automotive spaces.

With a number of colour choices available, this system can cosmetically enhance car parks, making them brighter and safer places to visit. In contrast to the dark grey tones of the car park, bright blue was used for the disable bays and crisp white demarcation was applied to further enhance the venue’s safety levels.

Deckshield EP is a solvent free and low VOC primer, ideal for creating flooring build-ups that are watertight, fire and slip resistant and extremely hardwearing.

The refurbishment was completed within 30 days, helping to quickly reopen the car park to Macau’s public.

Project Details

  • Client: Auto-Silo-da Rua de Tranquilidada
  • Products: Car Park Protection
  • Market Sector: Car Parks
  • Location: Macau
  • Year: 2018

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