Macau Melaka Public Car Park, Macau

Flowcrete Hong Kong Shields Macau Melaka Car Park

Earlier this year the Government in Macau was on a mission to refurbish several public car parks in the region, in the aftermath of the super Typhoon that hit several parts of Asia, destroying public property in its wake.

For the first phase of this refurbishment, the Macau Melaka Public car park required a car park decking system that could withstand potentially damaging weather conditions and provide a reliable and safe space for drivers in the area.

After calling upon Flowcrete Hong Kong to help, 3,000 m2 of Deckshield ID and Deckshield EP were specified to coat the basement level of the car park. The excellent chemical resistance of the two systems was necessary to decrease the likelihood of damage to the car park’s surface from engine oil, battery acid, hydraulic fluid and similar substances.

As well as chemical resistance, Deckshield EP and Deckshield ID’s noise reducing, fire resistant and abrasion resistant properties meant that the basement level would maintain its aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable finish, even with daily traffic and challenging weather conditions. In addition, the car park would also not be subject to unpleasant tyre squeal.

For the intermediate levels, which required more flexible materials in order to reduce the chances of cracks forming in suspended levels, 7,000 m2 of the Green Label certified, low VOC Deckshield ID was specified thanks to its flexibility and durability.

By choosing Flowcrete Hong Kong’s Deckshield systems, the client could also specify demarcation, as the deck coating range supported this. Navigational signage was therefore incorporated into the surface to increase the safety of the space, as well as making it easier for visitors to manoeuvre around the car park.

The installation was completed within three months, and the car park was ready to accommodate locals and visitors alike.

Project Details

  • Client: Macau Melaka Public Car Park
  • Products: Car Park Protection
  • Market Sector: Car Parks
  • Location: Macau
  • Year: 2018

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