Audi Showroom, Indonesia

Flowcrete Supplies Rustik to Audi Showroom

Flowcrete Asia was chosen by Indomobil to provide a decorative flooring solution for its brand-new Audi showroom in Cawang Jakarta, Indonesia.

Acting as a backdrop for luxury car manufacturer Audi, the flooring solution needed to reflect the lavishness and functionality of the cars on offer. Audi chose Rustik, a system of natural stone encapsulated in a clear epoxy resin for the job, which covered an area of 400 m2. The Rustik system was chosen in Deep Black Sapphire, and its shimmering black finish was the ideal, rich canvas on which to display the automobiles.

This system is perfect for use in retail environments thanks to its rapid installation and slip resistance. Abrasion resistance is extremely useful for car showrooms that expect high footfall and the manoeuvring of heavy vehicles on a daily basis.

Rustik also provides noise reduction properties, which suits retail environments like car showrooms, where customers appreciate gaining advice and information from staff without distractions from others’ echoing footsteps.

Not only does the dark colour choice of the flooring contrast with the crisp white walls, monochrome furniture and the cars on display, but Rustik also reflects the outdoors and roads. Bringing a sense of the outdoors inside acts as a good sales tool by allowing customers to visualise the cars on the open road.

The installation took one week to complete, ready for the showroom opening in April 2018.

Project Details

  • Client: Indomobil Cawang
  • Products: Stone Carpets
  • Market Sector: Automotive, Retail
  • Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Year: 2018

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