Sanofi, Vietnam

Flowcrete Tackles Multiple Flooring Challenges for Sanofi

Flowcrete Vietnam has provided the global pharmaceutical giant Sanofi with a variety of high performance floors to create surfaces in its Ho Chi Minh City facility that meet the multifaceted demands and high standards of such a large-scale and complex site.

7,000mof the antimicrobial enhanced polyurethane system Flowfresh MF was installed throughout the production area. This floor was chosen thanks to its ability to maintain a seamless, hygienic and effective finish in the face of frequent traffic from staff and wheeled equipment, regular cleaning, point loading from equipment, exposure to the chemicals used onsite and physical impacts.

To complete the floor build up, the polyurethane floor sealer Flowseal UV was then applied, creating a glossy, highly durable surface. This combination of materials ensured that Sanofi’s production area would have an easy to clean floor that would facilitate the rapid removal of contaminants from the area.

The laboratory within Sanofi’s Ho Chi Minh City facility required a specialist floor that would help to minimise the risk from static charge build up in the floor, which can damage sensitive electrical components. 80mof the anti-static system Flowfresh MF ESD was applied within the laboratory to provide a finish that could both protect against static discharges while also maintaining a clean, aesthetically appealing surface. 

A 4mm thick coating of Flowfresh SR was applied across 143mof the site’s washing area. The textured finish of this system enhances traction underfoot, which is advantageous in environments where liquids may be spilled onto the floor.

It took ten days to apply these three Flowfresh floors. Every system in the Flowfresh range has the antimicrobial agent Polygiene® homogenously distributed throughout its polyurethane make up. This additive utilises silver-ion technology to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria in contact with the floor. 

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