Unilever, Indonesia

Flowfresh Delivers Smooth Surface For Unilever

When global skincare and cosmetics manufacturer Unilever expanded its plant in Indonesia, the performance requirements for the flooring covered a range of criteria. Light traffic zones, medium to heavy traffic zones and areas able to withstand high temperatures during hot water washing were all included in the specification.

Following evaluation of test samples, Flowcrete's high grade Flowfresh flooring was selected for its ability to meet all the criteria and offer value added protection against bacteria. The hard-wearing polyurethane resin system incorporates a natural antimicrobial additive known as Polygiene®. This unique ingredient delivers total protection against a range of bacteria including MRSA, E-coli and Salmonella Typhi, remaining active throughout the life of the floor.

The Flowfresh range offers high chemical resistance and an excellent anti-slip profile. Superior thermal shock properties will withstand the conditions in hot, wet areas where frequent washdowns may be required, as well as in chiller rooms.

The ability to supply the system from Flowcrete's regional manufacturing facility in Malaysia, combined with local technical support, were key factors in the successful completion of this major installation representing some 8,500m2. The floor was finished with Flowseal UV, a UV stable topcoat, resulting in a tough, joint-free surface that is easily cleaned and requires minimum maintenance.

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