CT-Wearnes Vietnam Co Ltd, Vietnam

Flowfresh In Step With Super Luxury Cars

CT-Wearnes Vietnam Co Ltd is an authorised importer of high-end luxury car brands for the automotive market in Vietnam. In Ho Chi Min City, CT-Wearnes operates a sophisticated and stylish showroom, showcasing several premium brands including Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Bentley. When their specialised servicing workshop was in need of new flooring, the company contacted Flowcrete Vietnam to supply the job.

The client selected Flowfresh, a pigmented, polyurethane floor finish, for installation across the entire area. Over 800 m2 of Flowfresh MF was applied at a thickness of 4mm. The flooring system, being chemical resistant with antimicrobially-treated polyurethane screed, is designed for use in industrial areas subjected to medium-duty foot and vehicular traffic.

On top of the Flowfresh MF, a clear layer of Flowseal HTS sealer was applied to enhance abrasion resistance and to add an additional barrier against exposure to the corrosive automotive fluids that may spill onto the floor.

The entire job was completed within 30 days by Flowcrete’s approved applicators to deliver a flooring that is functional and attractive.

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