Seafood Market Place, Singapore

Fresh Flooring is the Catch of the Day at Seafood Market Place

Seafood Market Place prides itself as being a one-stop solution for sourcing seafood and providing efficiency and organisation in terms of processing, packaging and delivering the produce to prestigious hotels, restaurants and cafes.

The client required a fresh flooring system for the Singapore based facility that could boast high hygiene standards and slip resistance. To find the ideal solution, Flowcrete Asia was called upon to provide expertise.

Thanks to the antibacterial nature of both systems, Flowfresh MF and Flowfresh RT were applied throughout the 250m2 kitchen, ramps and boot washing areas. Coving was also used in the facility to create a smooth transition between the floor and the wall, abolishing any gaps for bacteria to hide in.

The HACCP International certified systems are both temperature and chemical resistant, making them ideal for use in kitchen areas that could experience dropped foodstuffs and varying temperatures from hot ovens and cool fridges. The incorporation of the Polygiene® antibacterial additive helps to reduce bacteria on the ground by up to 99.9%, when teamed with a regular cleaning regime.

For use in wet processing areas, the Singapore Green Label certified Flowfresh RT was used thanks to its lightly textured finish, providing added slip resistance and increasing the safety of the space for the staff who use it.

The installation was completed during the nation-wide downtime over Chinese New Year, and the site was ready to welcome the staff to its newly refreshed facility.

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