The Avenue, Hong Kong

High Performance Deck Coating for New Lee Tung Street Car Park

Lee Tung Street, formerly famous as Hong Kong’s centre for the publishing and manufacturing of wedding cards, has recently undergone a large redevelopment as part of an Urban Renewal Authority project.

A hard wearing traffic coating system was required for the street’s 11,000m2 basement car park. The polyurethane based system Deckshield ID was used for levels B2 to B4 of the parking facility thanks to its ability to create a robust and seamless surface that will withstand the challenges inherent to car parks such as heavy vehicle traffic as well as exposure to fuel and battery acid.

Deckshield was ideal for Lee Tung Street’s car park as it could be applied across the various decks as well as on sloping gradients and the ramps. Deckshield IDSD was used to coat the ramps, this system is specifically designed for this area of a car park with enhanced durability and a courser texture.

On level B5, the high levels of humidity and ground moisture levels were a concern for the project’s architects. To solve this issue, Flowcrete Hong Kong’s specialist Deckshield LBD system was created for use in the lower basement decks to provide a temporary barrier against the high levels of moisture that can cause floor failure during installation.

A colourful floor design was chosen, adding vibrancy and light to the car park. This included creating roadways in a bright red with bays in complementary dark and light greens to mark out the parking areas and the spaces in the building reserved for specific users. To help drivers navigate around the facility, crisp white signage was incorporated into the floor plan, with bay numbers and symbols clearly marked out in bright yellow.

Project Details

  • Client: The Avenue
  • Products: Car Park Protection
  • Market Sector: Car Parks
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Year: 2016

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