TH Milk Joint Stock Company, Vietnam

High-Tech Milk Plant Installs High Performance Floors

Flowcrete Vietnam recently provided a brand new, hygienic flooring system for TH Milk’s plant in Nghe An Province, Vietnam.

TH Milk is an all-encompassing dairy supplier, producing a wide range of products, including: milk, yoghurt, butter and cheese. Cow’s milk is transported from the company’s farm to its fresh milk plant, one of the largest in Southeast Asia and which uses state-of-the-art technology imported from the G7 and European countries. All products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 22000 standards and the company is committed to ensuring the plant meets the strictest food hygiene standards.

To ensure that the floor lived up to this standard, TH Milk wanted a finish that would be easy to clean and maintain and that would withstand the challenging demands of continuous production, such as wear and tear from wet processing operations and forklift truck movement.

To achieve these objectives, 3,000 m2 of Flowtex PT epoxy screed with a Flowcoat HTS coating was installed in areas where heavy forklift trucks would be used. The robust nature of the combined systems created a floor able to protect against abrasion from wheeled traffic carrying heavy loads. In addition, the seamless and impervious finish meant no hard to clean joints or crevices that could harbour dirt and bacteria.

For areas where cleanliness was of paramount concern, such as the cheese & butter line, 1,050 m2 of Flowfresh RT was chosen due to its superior hygienic benefits. Flowfresh is a HACCP Internationally certified, polyurethane flooring range that incorporates an antimicrobial additive able to inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 99.9%.

The entire project was completed by Flowcrete Vietnam’s approved applicator in just 10 days.

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