R&F Mall, Malaysia

Mondéco Crystal Shines at Johor Bahru’s R&F Mall

The newly built R&F Mall in Johor Bahru installed a beautiful floor finish made from seamless resin terrazzo in a bespoke pattern of broad weaving lines in several complementary colours.

The first shopping centre to be opened in the city’s R&F Princess Cove development, R&F Mall will provide over 74,000 m2 of retail, entertainment and dining experiences alongside a 5-star hotel, Grade A offices, marina garden corridor, luxury club house and apartments.

Created by the same team that made Singapore’s ION Mall, this venue has been designed in-line with the very latest thinking on modern, large-scale commercial developments.

To ensure that the floor finish reflected the site’s architectural, aesthetic and performance standards, 17,000 m2 of Mondéco Crystal from Flowcrete Asia was installed across the main retail area.

This seamless resin terrazzo system is ideal for large, busy commercial locations, as it combines extensive design versatility with the durability to withstand the heavy foot traffic, impacts, food and drink spillages, regular cleaning, scuffs, scrapes and wear that it would be subjected to on a daily basis. 

Mondéco Crystal instils a sense of luxury into any space thanks to its glossy, high-end appearance combined with the inclusion of glittering, decorative additives within the floor’s resin matrix.

R&F Mall’s architects wanted the shopping centre’s main floor area to convey an artistic and contemporary visual that simultaneously reflected the identity and design of the building. To achieve this, a clear white colour was chosen as the floor’s main backdrop with a pattern of light and dark grey bands playing across the finish.

This design helps to visually break up the large expanses of flooring while emphasising specific architectural features such as the curves of the walls and the layout of the building.

Project Details

  • Client: R&F Mall
  • Products: Seamless Terrazzo
  • Market Sector: Retail
  • Location: Johor Bahru
  • Year: 2019

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