RPD Workshop, Malaysia

RPD Fixes High Performance Cars on a High Performance Floor

A car workshop that specialises in luxury vehicles has installed a vibrant Flowshield Quartz floor finish to protect the surface underfoot while simultaneously delivering an impressive visual impact.

RPD’s workshop in Petaling Jaya provides automotive services for high-end vehicles, in particular Porsches.  A floor build up was required across two levels of its facility, including in the main workshop and body shop areas, that would both portray a high-end image and enable the staff to provide an exceptional level of service.

To achieve the desired finish, 370m2 of a bright yellow, self-smoothing epoxy resin floor system was chosen due to its hardwearing nature as well as its seamless, easy-to-clean finish. Flowshield Quartz contains coloured quartz to give a speckled finish to the system. This aesthetic was especially beneficial for RPD, as it would disguise any small scratches and blemishes that the busy workshop might inflict on the floor over time.

On top of the Flowshield Quartz, a clear layer of Flowseal HTS sealer was applied to enhance abrasion resistance and add an additional barrier against exposure to the corrosive automotive fluids that may spill onto the floor.

Beneath the resin coating the client installed a layer of Flowtex PT - a power trowelled heavy duty epoxy screed that has exceptional chemical resistance as well as impact resistance properties. Flowtex PT was chosen in order to provide a flat screed finish for the resin system to bond to, creating a highly robust floor from top to bottom.

The entire installation was completed in just two weeks by Flowcrete Asia’s approved applicators.

Project Details

  • Client: RPD Workshop
  • Products: Industrial Flooring
  • Market Sector: Automotive
  • Location: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  • Year: 2015

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