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SUTD Goes Overboard on Underpass Flooring

A new underpass that connects The Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD) to the Upper Changi MRT Station has installed a glittering Mondéco Crystal floor to create a decorative and durable surface.

The project’s developers wanted the facility to surround its users in a luxurious and comfortable environment – and to do so while withstanding the exceptionally heavy foot traffic, scuffs, scrapes, stains and impacts that it would face on daily basis.

To achieve a floor area that was up to the task at hand, 700 m2 of the seamless epoxy resin terrazzo floor coating Mondéco Crystal was applied throughout the underpass. The robust nature of this system makes it ideal for demanding facilities while its crisp colour and glittering, light reflective additives make it a visually stunning material.

A fresh aquamarine shade was selected for the majority of the finish while a contrasting grey tone was used to create a border that flows along the edge of the floor and organically twists and turns with the building’s walls. Curved divider strips that mirrored the architecture were used to separate the two distinct colours.

This flooring specification was also used for the site’s retail spaces so that they shared the same high-end finish as the main concourse area. In addition, Mondéco Crystal was applied on the stairs leading to the underpass. Applying a resin terrazzo material on a staircase requires very skilled application capabilities and extensive product knowledge to achieve.

Longevity was a critical aspect of the floor’s specification, as this site represents a vital component in the city’s transport infrastructure. Floor failures and unplanned refurbishments could wreak havoc with thousands of people’s daily commutes and travel plans. Thankfully, Mondéco Crystal is renowned for its long life-span, which can be in excess of 15 years.

Project Details

  • Client: Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD)
  • Products: Seamless Terrazzo
  • Market Sector: Transport and Railways
  • Location: Singapore
  • Year: 2018

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