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VIFON’s New Floor Meets the Highest Hygiene Standards

Flowcrete Vietnam has supplied a variety of specialist floor and wall solutions to a leading food producer as part of the client’s drive to upgrade its facilities in order to comply with stringent HACCP food safety standards.

Vietnam Food Industries JSC (VIFON) wanted to refurbish the concrete floor, which the facility had used for 15 years, with a floor finish that would deliver the hygiene, safety and longevity properties required to meet HACCP’s flooring criteria. Implementing the highest levels of cleanliness is imperative for VIFON, as it exports to many countries which have strict quality management standards such as the US, Australia, Japan and several European countries.

Phase I involved a 45 day project to enhance the floor within the rice products processing area. To achieve this 3,207m2 of Flowfresh SL as well as 700m2 of Flowfresh MF was applied alongside 968m2 of both Flowtex PT and Flowseal UV Matt. The antimicrobial enhanced Flowfresh range has been HACCP International certified thanks to its ability to maintain an ultra-hygienic, impervious, easy to clean and functional surface despite the challenges of large-scale food and beverage plants.

1,914m2 of Flowseal EPW Wall Sealer was also used in the rice products processing area to ensure that the walls would also provide a seamless and easy to clean surface.

Phase II focused on the spices production area. Once the previous floor covering had been taken up, 695m2 of Flowscreed Mortar was used to bring the substrate up to the necessary standard to apply a resin floor. Flowfresh SL was then applied on top of the repaired substrate. 607m2of Flowtex PT and Flowseal UV Matt was also utilised as coving for the project.

Phase II took only 10 days to complete. It was crucial that the flooring refurbishment was undertaken quickly and finished on schedule so that VIFON could minimise the downtime period.

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