FU Wai Hospital, China

World-Class Hospital Shielded by Flowcrete

One of the world’s largest centres for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases has installed a new Flowcrete floor that matches their high working standards.

The Fu Wai Hospital in Beijing was concerned that the flooring in their liquid nitrogen libraries would not withstand the demands placed upon it. To ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the floor Flowshield SL was installead with a top coat of Flowseal UV over an 800 square metre area of this important storeroom.

The demands that the floor had to meet included withstanding nitrogen splashes at extremely low temperatures, providing a level platform, being anti-slip and highly chemical resistant.

The flooring contractor Yatai Group Co. recommended using low cost material suppliers to reduce expenditure. However the Fu Wai hospital places a high priority on quality over pricing and insisted on using Flowcrete’s flooring system after seeing the advantages of the samples that were submitted.

Flowcrete’s flooring surpassed the quality of all the other domestic and foreign competitors that the contractors put forward and was identified by the hospital as the ideal choice for their project.

Due to the hospital’s rural location insect invasion became a challenge during application. This incident was overcome by constantly and diligently guarding the entire process, which meant that the project was successfully completed within the 10 day deadline.

Fu Wai Hospital is the National Centre for Cardiovascular Diseases (NCCD) and is devoted exclusively to patient care, education, research and prevention in the field of cardiovascular diseases. Founded in 1956, the hospital has since become China’s largest and best Grade III, Class A hospital.

Project Details

  • Client: Fu Wai Hospital
  • Products: Industrial Flooring
  • Market Sector: Medical
  • Location: Beijing, China
  • Year: 2013

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