Yegin Industries, Vietnam

Yegin Industries Scores Sales on Flowcrete’s Sports Flooring

Yegin Industries has used high performance resin flooring solutions from Flowcrete Vietnam to install a creative and unique floor finish in its brand new office facility.

When the sports ball manufacturer built offices for its new production site in the Long Giang Industrial Park, which is situated in Tien Giang Province, Vietnam, it decided to incorporate the theme of sports into the very design of the building itself. This involved turning the floors into real sports courts and included a showroom complete with a built-in basketball court!

Flowcrete Vietnam supplied a selection of materials in order to create a robust floor with the desired aesthetics. 1,750 m2of Isocrete K-Screed was first applied in a 50mm layer so that the substrate would provide a high-strength platform for the resin coating.

To showcase the company’s “work hard, play hard’ attitude, the designer specified 100 m2 of FlowSport with Deckshield UV Linemarker for the showroom and gym room. This flooring choice allowed for the necessary bright colours and clear patterns to create sports court style finishes. The resilience of FlowSport’s polyurethane technology was ideal for the gym room, where employees would be exercising during the working hours.

The appearance and functionality of the floor in the basketball court style showroom was a high priority, as the floor would need to impress potential customers and also provide a platform where Yegin Industries could showcase its products.

1,650 m2 of the antimicrobial system Flowfresh MF was chosen for the office, canteen and dormitory areas for its understated aesthetics and superior hygiene properties. Floors in the Flowfresh range incorporate the Polygiene® antimicrobial additive, which inhibits the growth of bacteria on the floor surface by up to 99.9%. This made it an obvious choice for areas such as the canteen, where cleanliness is essential.

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