Penetrating Sealers and Liquid Densifiers

  • Penetrating Sealers and Liquid Densifiers

Liquid products that provide additional concrete surface protection for minimising ingress of contaminating materials in new construction and existing concrete surfaces.


BARACADE M.E. is an oligomeric alkyl alkoxy siloxane concentrate. When diluted with water, BARACADE M.E. self-emulsifies into a unique product capable of repelling water on concrete or masonry surfaces. BARACADE M.E. is a breathable, non-staining, colourless material that penetrates deep into the surface to seal out moisture, reduce efflorescence and minimise the damaging effects of freeze-thaw cycles. BARACADE M.E. protects without altering the appearance or texture of the treated surface and improves resistance to airborne dirt, smog and other air pollutants.


BARACADE SILANE 100 C is a breathable, ready-to-use, colourless, non-yellowing, deep penetrating concrete and masonry water repellent. BARACADE SILANE 100 C is a 100% silane formulation that produces a hydrophobic treatment to reduce water absorption. BARACADE SILANE 100 C protects concrete, block, stone and brick against the damaging effects of water intrusion, de-icing chemicals, freeze-thaw exposure and airborne contaminants such as acid rain, smog and industrial fumes. Due to the 100% silane composition, BARACADE SILANE 100 C exhibits low volatility and higher coverage rates than solvent-based silane materials.


EUCO DIAMOND HARD is a unique blend of silicate and siliconate polymers that penetrate concrete surfaces and chemically react to provide an increase in surface density, durability, and abrasion resistance. Concrete treated with EUCO DIAMOND HARD is dust-proofed, resists tyre marks, and is easier to maintain. Over time, EUCO DIAMOND HARD provides an attractive, slip-resistant sheen to concrete that never peels, fades, or wears away.


EUCO-GUARD 100 is a deep penetrating siloxane sealer designed to protect concrete structures, decks, pavements and surfaces against the adverse effects of de-icing salts, moisture, weathering and freeze damage. EUCO-GUARD 100 reacts chemically with the concrete to provide a highly effective chloride screen and water barrier. In addition to its ease of application, EUCO-GUARD 100 has the added versatility to be used on both new and old concrete surfaces. 


EUCOSIL is a water-based sodium silicate solution used to densify and dustproof concrete. EUCOSIL chemically reacts within concrete and becomes an integral part of the surface, making treated concrete denser and easier to maintain. 


SURFHARD is a water-based magnesium fluorosilicate solution that reacts chemically with alkaline materials in concrete producing a more dense, durable, and chemically resistant floor. SURFHARD is especially effective at strengthening weak, soft, or dusting concrete surfaces. A patented penetrating agent in SURFHARD assists in its penetration and reactivity, enabling SURFHARD to dustproof and densify at a greater depth.


ULTRAGUARD is a water-based polymeric protectant that improves the appearance and durability of concrete floors. ULTRAGUARD contains a powerful stain-resistant additive and is further enhanced with lithium silicate, which provides densification of the concrete surface. This product also contains UV absorbers that enable the ULTRAGUARD to protect coloured or dyed concrete against UV degradation. ULTRAGUARD can be used alone or in combination with a reactive sealer such as EUCO DIAMOND HARD or ULTRASIL LI+ to give concrete floors a glossy finish, harder surface, and protective seal.


ULTRASIL LI+ is a water-based lithium silicate solution used to densify, seal and dustproof concrete surfaces. ULTRASIL LI+ penetrates and chemically reacts within the concrete surface, producing extremely hard and dense calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) in the pores. The result is concrete that is more durable, easier to clean, and more resistant to damage from water and mild chemicals. Because the product of the lithium silicate-concrete reaction is formed internally, the protection of ULTRASIL LI+ never peels or flakes off, is unaffected by moisture, and lasts much longer than surface sealers and coatings.


WEATHER-GUARD is a siloxane penetrating sealer designed specifically for the treatment of masonry materials and concrete surfaces. WEATHER-GUARD protects concrete and masonry surfaces from the effects of exterior exposure and weathering. WEATHER-GUARD penetrates deep into the surface pores and reacts chemically to provide a durable, long-lasting barrier against water and salt intrusion. This level of protection can substantially reduce the damaging effects of freeze/thaw cycling, precipitation, acid rain, efflorescence, and dust/dirt degradation.

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