TWTL 393, Hong Kong

Deckshield Chosen for Car Parks in New Development

The TWTL 393 is a mixed-use development property completed in August 2020 that features two complexes – The Aurora and Plaza 88. The former comprises of three residential blocks totalling 840 units, while the latter is a 35-storey high luxury hotel and shopping mall. Both developments share a two-storey basement parking garage with 800 parking lots. With its proven track record and speedy application time, Flowcrete’s popular car park deck coating system, Deckshield, was selected for this project.

In basement one, 2000 m2 of Deckshield ID, a Green Label certified, low VOC, solvent-free, flexible polyurethane coating system was installed on the intermediate decks to provide a colourful, watertight, hard-wearing surface.

In basement two, 5500 m2 of Deckshield IDEP was applied to provide a safe, attractive, and durable surface for long-term use. This chemical-resistant floor coating reduces any damage caused by fuel, engine oil, battery acid or hydraulic fluid. The vehicle loading bay was coated with 3500 m2 of Flowcoat SF41 3mm, a high-build epoxy coating that is resilient against sustained vehicle traffic.

By reducing tire-squeal noise and ensuring anti-slip surfaces for pedestrians and vehicles, Flowcrete’s deck coating system made the multistorey car park a brighter and safer environment for both residents and guests.

Project Details

  • Client: TWTL 393
  • Products: Car Park Protection
  • Market Sector: Car Parks
  • Location: Hong Kong
  • Year: 2020

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