Lion Vietnam JSC, Vietnam

Lion Vietnam Upgrades its Flooring to Meet US Standards

To ensure that Lion Vietnam JSC was able to meet the necessary standards to export its produce to the US, the plastics packaging components manufacturer upgraded the floor area within its facility with HACCP International certified Flowfresh floors.

Complying with the strict regulations in the US is critical to being able to sell products within its lucrative market. Getting the floor area right is central to meeting the stringent criteria, as otherwise it can pose a serious health, safety hygiene and quality risk.

3,000m2 of the antimicrobial enhanced, polyurethane floor coating range Flowfresh was installed across Lion Vietnam’s plant floor, with 1,800m2 of Flowfresh MF applied in the processing area and 1,200m2of Flowfresh SL was used in the assembly room.

These floors are able to maintain a level, seamless and impervious finish despite point loading from heavy equipment and loaded pallets, constant foot traffic, regular cleaning, and physical impacts. The robust nature of Flowfresh means that it will retain a high-quality, regulatory compliant finish for an extended period of time despite the challenges of an intense industrial environment.

The entire Flowfresh range has been HACCP International certified. This is a key standard for companies that want to export to the US, as it is a leading benchmark of quality manufacturing. Originally designed for the food and beverage industry to minimise contamination incidents, it has been embraced by many other sectors for its ability to create and sustain clean, effective and long-lasting industrial environments.

It took Flowcrete Vietnam and its approved applicator 20 days to complete the project.

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