Setia Eco Park Residence, Malaysia

Luxury Residence Upgrades Exterior with Multicolor Stoneface

A high-end residential property in Klang Valley’s exclusive Setia Eco Park development has utilised the innovative wall coating system Multicolor Stoneface to create a reliable exterior finish with a natural aesthetic.

The project originally called for real stones to be used on the building’s walls, however this was deemed liable to failures after only a couple of years. Multicolor Stoneface was recommended as a way to achieve the same look for an extended period of time.

This wall coating technology, unlike standard homogeneous coatings, contains different coloured liquid beads dispersed within a resin matrix which yields a multicolour pattern using a spray application technique. This formulation creates a granular look and feel without the addition of aggregates, fillers, or minerals, which emulates the texture of natural stone in an easy to apply, cost effective and reliable manner.

180 m2 of this solution was applied on the front and side walls of the property, with a further 70 m2 used for the building’s car park. The Granite Tone pattern type was chosen in two complementary grey colours to create a pleasing visual contrast. A realistic, luxury aesthetic was important to make sure that the building was in keeping with the deluxe residential estate.    

The use of a spray-on resin coating was also beneficial for this project, as the white paint already on the walls had started to show crack lines, all of which were hidden by the new Multicolor Stoneface layer.

The residence’s owner was already living onsite but thanks to the easy application, quick drying times, non-toxic and lightweight nature of the chosen coating system, the one-and-a-half-week project caused very little inconvenience to the family’s day-to-day life.

Quote: Mr Lee, Property Owner, said: “When Multicolour Stoneface was recommended, I didn't realise that its application was so easy and fuss free. Thanks to Flowcrete I am happy with the classy granite look on my walls."

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