Architectural Surface Coatings

  • Architectural Surface Coatings

Multicolor Stoneface® technology, unlike standard homogeneous coatings, contains different coloured liquid beads dispersed within a resin matrix which yields a multicolour pattern using a spray application technique.

The Multicolor Stoneface® range creates a granular pattern without the addition of aggregate, filler, or minerals, which emulates natural stone textures such as granite and marble, providing an easy to apply, cost-effective alternative to popular building facade finishing materials.

Why Choose Multicolor Stoneface?

Multicoloured Architectural Surface Coating

An economical and quick to apply decorative coating system that provides a granular pattern for architectural surfaces. Available in a wide range of colours and textures.

Spray Application

Consistent multicoloured pattern produced instantaneously by a simple-spray application with the all-colours-in-one-component formulation. Low material consumption, quick dry times and easy maintenance.

Interior/Exterior and Refurbishments

Combines inorganic pigments and a high-performance polymer formulation to achieve high quality, weather-resistant, colour stable surface coating.

Environmentally Friendly Option for Green Buildings

A non-toxic, low VOC and lightweight alternative to traditional granite cladding options.

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