Nam Yue, Macau

Nam Yue Wholesale Market Chooses Specialist Resin Flooring

Flowcrete Hong Kong supplied a full package of resin flooring specifications to Macau’s large, brand new Nam Yue wholesale market, located in Ilha Verde.

To begin, the Deckshield range was chosen for the car park to create a contemporary, upmarket and aesthetically appealing environment. 5,000m2 of the flexible polyurethane coating Deckshield LBD was applied on the lowest car park level to provide a coating that would protect against rising moisture. 5,000m2 of the polyurethane deck coating Deckshield ID was installed on the intermediate basement deck to provide a colourful, watertight and hardwearing surface. Deckshield IDSD High Grade was used to coat the car park’s ramps.

A dark grey colour was specified for the car park’s roadways with a striking dark green chosen to distinguish parking bays. Crisp white was used for the floor’s signage so that users would be able to easily see the navigational markings. Across the basement, floors and loading area, which are prone to constant vehicle traffic, Flowcoat SF41 was applied. Aggregates can be included between the coats to deliver a durable, anti-slip profile.

The Flowfresh range was specified for the wet markets slaughterhouse and food-testing lab, to enhance hygiene levels. 3,000m2 of Flowfresh SR and 2,000m2 of Flowfresh MF were chosen for these areas due to the chemical resistant, antimicrobial polyurethane resin formulation of these systems, which actively inhibits bacterial growth.

In the shops and restaurants of the market, 9,000m2 of the hardwearing, decorative epoxy Peran STB was chosen. For the lobby area, designers wanted to create a minimalist, modern environment. To achieve this 1,100m2 of Peran SL was applied to create a colourful, gloss floor.

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