Po Heung Estate, Hong Kong

Specialist Resins Protect Basement Level Car Park Floor

Flowcrete Hong Kong supplied over 4,000 m2 of high performance resin-flooring materials to Po Heung Estate’s brand new car park facility in the city’s Tai Po area. Flowcoat SF41 (2mm) with a Deckshield EP primer and a Deckshield UV sealer were installed in the site’s B1 car park, as this seamless and robust epoxy floor build up would provide a hardwearing and slip resistant finish.

A striking floor design was specified to enhance the site’s aesthetic impact, with a sleek black colour used for the roads and contrasting light grey applied as a border. The parking bays were created in alternating black and grey tones with dark blue electric vehicle spaces and bright yellow line marking incorporated into the floor to ensure important signage is clearly visible.

Flowcoat SF41 is a high performance, solvent free, chemical resistant, epoxy resin coating that can deliver an anti-slip profile with the inclusion of aggregates between coats. As well as being chemical and abrasion resistant, its durable nature is ideal for a car park facility with its sustained vehicle traffic. It can also be used as a line marker for internal deck park topcoats. Deckshield EP has been specifically designed to act as a moisture barrier to combat the high moisture levels often found in low-level basements.

In addition, Heavy Duty Isocrete K-Screed was applied onto the basement’s concrete slab to create a high strength screed able to withstand substantial levels of traffic. Proprietary additives were incorporated within the screed material, producing an earlier drying time and ensuring the flooring project was completed in a faster timescale than a traditional screed system would allow.

This project was part of the new works building sites of Hong Kong’s Housing Authority Project and won two awards in the Good Housekeeping Competition: Gold in the Construction Award and Bronze in the Best Presentation Award.

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