Flowcrete & MRCB Develop New Parking Facility in KL Sentral

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Flowcrete & MRCB Develop New Parking Facility in KL Sentral

30 Sep 2013

As part of a corporate client's relocation to new office premises within the KL Sentral business district, property developer MRCB (Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad) was approached to build and develop a new parking facility with flooring that would stand the test of time, meeting the performance criteria that the client's former car park hadn't.

Having suffered with extensive cracking, spalling and de-lamination, the parking facility was not only hazardous to visitors but actually caused many to avoid the structure altogether. In order to prevent this moving forwards, MRCB sought flooring materials based on a list of key performance features set-out by the end client.

Not only would the coating need to withstand the sustained traffic and footfall, providing a safe anti-slip surface underfoot but it would also need to be water tight and protect the concrete structure by resisting extreme weather conditions as well as corrosive oils and acids.

After a careful selection process, Flowcrete Asia was selected to install over 20,000m2 of Deckshield, its colourful car park decking and line-marking system, owing to its expertise in developing and installing superior specialist flooring solutions.

The internal decks of the seven-storey car park were coated with Deckshield ID, Flowcrete's Singapore Green Label certified flexible polyurethane decking system.

The Singapore Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) was introduced by the Singapore Environment Council to endorse products and services which have less undesirable effects on the environment around us.

The low VOC Deckshield ID coating delivers excellent abrasion resistance to withstand heavy vehicular traffic as well as superior anti-slip properties to ensure the safety of visitors.

What's more, the system helps to maintain the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the car park by preventing cracks appearing over time, protecting the structure against water ingress as well as petrol, oil, battery acid and other chemicals associated with motor vehicles, and offering bright, light-reflective finish with a vibrant colour palette.

To improve safety, 3,635m of Deckshield UV Linemarker, Flowcrete's demarcation system, was applied to spaces and directional markings throughout the facility's seven storeys.

MRCB praised Flowcrete Asia on their ability to deliver a high quality finish ahead of schedule and the project has set a benchmark for car park flooring installations in the surrounding area.


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