Flowcrete Antistatic Flooring Systems Keep Sensitive Industries Safe

Flowcrete Antistatic Flooring Systems Keep Sensitive Industries Safe

20 May 2021

  • Flowcrete offers antistatic floor finishes that meet specific electrostatic resistance requirements
  • Flowshield ESD BVG and Flowcoat ESD (Antislip) are the latest innovations by Flowcrete

As many semiconductor devices can be harmed by a single static discharge, a static charge accumulation on the floor can become an enemy of expensive and delicate electronic components used in the electronic industry. Often this charge is released by human and equipment movement over the floor surface.

In the manufacturing industry, the risk of explosive or flammable liquids, powders, and gases, can ignite during electrostatic discharge resulting in catastrophic events. When this happens, not only equipment can be damaged, but human lives are also in danger.

Flowcrete has developed an extensive range of antistatic flooring systems for industries such as the Electronics, F&B, and Chemical Processing sectors. This product range offers antistatic floor finishes that meet the specific electrostatic resistance requirements associated with a wide mix of facilities such as production, storage areas, R&D facilities and cleanrooms.

Flowshield ESD BVG, one of the latest innovations in antistatic technology, meets ANSI/ESD S2020, ASTM F150 Conductive and IEC 61340-5-1 requirements. It is solvent-free and has low odour – which is ideal for applications when shutting down is not an option. It is hardwearing, highly chemical resistant, contains no fibre appearance and comes in five colours to suit any environment so appearance is not compromised.

For industries that need additional safety precaution, Flowcrete’s Flowcoat ESD (Antislip), is an antistatic epoxy floor coating with a textured profile that creates an anti-slip surface to further enhance the safety of workers. It is suitable for light to medium duty traffic areas where ESD standards are required.

Unlike some alternative flooring materials, these Flowcrete surfaces do not require periodic treatment to maintain an antistatic control capability that complies with the latest ANSI/ESD standards. ESD performance tests conducted at regular intervals over different points of the floor will provide long-lasting peace of mind for the finish.

To find out more about our range of antistatic flooring, or if you need to discuss a specific anti-static flooring project in more detail, get in touch with the team today.



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