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Genting Highland’s Expands with Flowcrete’s Flooring Collection

26 Jun 2018

  • Flowcrete Asia has supplied Resorts World Genting with a wide variety of decorative flooring solutions.
  • The new 20th Century Fox World attraction required specialist finishes to meet different flooring challenges.
  • The new floors would have to withstand an exceptionally high level of foot traffic!

Resorts World Genting’s vast, seven-year, RM5 Billion ($1.1 Billion) upgrade project has seen a long list of Flowcrete Asia systems installed across the theme park’s many attractions, facilities, stores and infrastructure.

The versatility of Flowcrete Asia’s wide variety of coatings, sealers and finishes meant that it had the perfect solution for every inch of the resort, from the car park, kitchens and restaurants to the rides, shops and even its helipad!

The floor in all of these areas would have to provide critical operational requirements, including hygiene, durability and slip resistance, while looking the part and being able to withstand very heavy foot traffic. To illustrate the demands that these finishes will be under, one estimate has put visitor numbers at reaching 30 million people per year by 2020!

The variety of specialist coatings required for the project was exemplified at Resorts World Genting’s new 20th Century Fox World attraction, where Flowcrete Asia supplied two very different floors for two very different areas of the movie inspired theme park.

A key part of Resorts World Genting’s renovation is the inaugural 20th Century Fox specialty store. As a world first, it was imperative that the store delivers a high-end customer experience at all times, despite the very high numbers of visitors it will attract, long operating hours and inherent complexities of a one-of-a-kind retail space.

To ensure that the floor would provide an attractive and functional finish at all times, the store’s designers installed 280 m2 of Flowcrete Asia’s seamless resin terrazzo range Mondéco. Mondéco Crystal in a bespoke sandy yellow (that matched RAL colour 1015) and Mondéco Earth in Coconut were chosen to create a flooring design that complemented and reflected Fox World Studio’s brand identity.

These materials were used to create an arrangement of large angular blocks of colour across the entire sales room floor. This aesthetic not only created a decorative backdrop for the store’s products but was also a great way to highlight walkways and showcase priority displays.

The unique design was created using stainless steel inlays to outline the pattern, into which the corresponding coloured resin coating was poured and then repeatedly ground down and polished until a smooth, shimmering finish was achieved.

In addition to the retail area, the shop’s storeroom needed a robust, hygienic floor that would withstand heavy loads, movement and impacts. 32 m2 of the antibacterial, polyurethane system Flowfresh SL was used for this part of the site thanks to its combination of superior cleanability and impressive durability.

20th Century Fox World includes a new indoor space full of rides and amusements styled to look like a classic carnival environment. Due to the extensive predicted footfall of the theme park, the flooring materials here would had to be extremely durable.

The project’s architects also wanted the vast 10,000 m2 floor area to mirror the rest of the location’s design elements. This meant finding a material that could be applied in an internal space and be easy to maintain but that would have the appearance of an external coloured stone tile floor.

Flowcrete Asia’s Increte Stamped Concrete system was ideal for the task, as it is able to make a concrete floor mimic the aesthetic of natural materials without the hassle, cost and effort of using less reliable materials like stone, wood or tiles.

A multi-coloured floor was created that perfectly encapsulated the street fair ambience of the park. The concrete was stamped to look like stone tiles or brick in a variety of colours to create characterful patterns and blocks of colour.

In contrast to these attractions and retail areas, Flowcrete Asia also supplied approximately 60,000 m2 of its car park deck coating range, Deckshield. While it might not seem as important to make the car parks decorative and appealing, Resorts World Genting recognised that this would be where most of its visitors formed a first impression of the site and so it had to be up to the highest of standards.

Deckshield has been specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of contemporary car parks, which require superior visuals, the ability to withstand a number of automotive challenges, improved light reflectivity and clear navigational as well as health and safety signage.

Thanks to Flowcrete Asia’s ability to provide solutions for each area of Resorts World Genting’s upgraded theme park, the resort’s owners could rest assured that the millions of annual visitors will be able to enjoy the new site with a safe, attractive, clean and on-brand finish underfoot.


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