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Flowcrete Asia understands that whether in commercial buildings, public spaces or at private residences, first impressions count. Flowcrete Asia's range of environmentally sustainable car park coatings is designed to ensure that the car park environment not only makes a great first impression but performs well in all conditions.

The use of limited support columns and large open spans to maximise parking space and the continuous exposure to harsh weather conditions and vehicular fluids present a unique set of performance criteria for flooring systems. Flowcrete Asia's flexible polyurethane coating has been specifically designed to meet these criteria.

Formulations are tailored for the various areas within the car park including multi-storey internal decks, ramps and loading bays. Light-reflective properties help to illuminate internal decks making them brighter, safer environments for visitors and residents. For ramps and other areas where vehicle traction is of greater importance, aggregate is incorporated into the system to deliver an anti-slip surface.

Our line marking product is used to clearly demarcate walkways and corridors, guiding pedestrians to and from their vehicles safely.

Flowcrete Asia's unique car park coating system will completely transform your car park environment creating a safer, more inviting place; making for that all important good first impression.

No matter what the flooring requirements of your car park environment, Flowcrete Asia has the flooring solution that is right for you. 

Flowcrete Asia - Deckshield Car Park Deck Caoting Systems vs The Alternatives - December 2015.jpg

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